Dr. Barbara Young uses plasma curing lights to more quickly harden fillings and other dental composites used in dental procedures. This tool makes your treatment quicker and ensures permanence of the filling, giving our dentist control over when the filling cures and prevents having to repeat the process if the filling is cured too quickly. It sets resins in about ten seconds, so your jaw muscles and joints are not over-exerted during the procedure.

The curing light is also used as a method to whiten your teeth. The light accelerates the action of the bleaching gel applied to your teeth during a whitening procedure. This light source decomposes peroxide more quickly to form the free radicals that whiten your teeth, which aids in removing deep set stains in your teeth from drinking coffee or wine or smoking. Call today at (858) 273-7777 to schedule an appointment with our dentist and learn more about plasma curing lights in San Diego, California.